Tasman View Accommodation Terms and Conditions

By making a reservation with Tasman View Accommodation you are bound by Tasman View Accommodation terms and conditions. This document outlines our standard terms and conditions for all guests.


Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under eighteen years of age.

If a booking has been made via a booking channel (for example booking.com), the terms and conditions of payment will be outlined by the booking channel.

For bookings where a deposit payment is required in order to confirm them, until payment has been made and confirmation is sent by Tasman View Accommodation to the guest confirming payment, the booking is not confirmed and the property may be booked by another guest. Any enquiries where payment is not made within four days will be cancelled. 

Where payment terms are not met by the required due date, bookings will be cancelled.

All prices are inclusive of GST.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  All payments made are in NZD.   


Tasman View Accommodation reserves the right to revoke or refuse to honour any booking, at any time before or during the rental period, which may in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the property or breach any of these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the booking channel that the booking was made through.


Tasman View Accommodation has taken due care to verify all information provided on www.tasmanview.co.nz, however it accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or incorrect information contained within this website. Tasman View Accommodation does not accept responsibility for any changes in price variations. All services and prices are subject to change without notice.


Should the guest need to cancel the reservation for any reason, they must notify Tasman View Accommodation in writing via email immediately. 

If a booking has been made through a booking channel, the cancellation policy for that booking will be outlined by the booking channel. 

Where bookings are made directly with Tasman View Accommodation (not through a booking channel), the following cancellation policy applies

  1. Where cancellation is notified 14 days or more prior to the arrival date a full refund will be provided. 
  1. Where cancellation is notified between 14 days and 7 days prior to the arrival date a 50% refund of the booking total will be provided.
  1. Where a cancellation is notified 7 days or less prior to the arrival date no refund will be provided.

In the unlikely event that a booking must be cancelled by Tasman View Accommodation, every effort will be made to transfer the booking and payment to another date suitable to the guest. If this is not possible, any payments made by the guest will be refunded in full. No compensation will be offered or paid under any circumstances.

Tasman View Accommodation strongly advises guests to obtain Holiday & Travel Insurance to cover themselves against unforeseen circumstances.


The check in time is from 3.00pm and departure time is by 10.00am unless otherwise arranged. If the property is not vacated at departure time, Tasman View Accommodation reserves the right to enter the property, remove any belongings, and take such further action as may be necessary in order to begin the cleaning of the property. Tasman View Accommodation reserves the right to charge guests NZD$100 per hour for any unauthorised overstaying.


The property can only be occupied by the number of persons stated in the booking confirmation or as subsequently agreed with Tasman View Accommodation. Tasman View Accommodation reserve the right to refuse occupancy of the property if this condition is not observed. If additional guests are found to have stayed at the property then Tasman View Accommodation reserves the right to charge the guest for this at a rate of NZD$30 per person per night.


Tasman View Accommodation operates a strict no party and quiet enjoyment policy for our property. Tasman View Accommodation’s property are not to be used for any gatherings, parties, weddings, stags or hens parties or other functions without written permission by Tasman View Accommodation. If the property is being misused by the guest they will be asked to leave the property immediately without any refund. 

If any noise complaints are received during a guest’s stay in the property, the guest/s will be notified. If after a guest is notified by Tasman View Accommodation about a noise complaint that has been made and a subsequent noise complaint is received during the guests stay, a fee of $250 will be charged for each subsequent noise complaint. If subsequent noise complaints are received after guests first noise complaint warning, Tasman View Accommodation reserve the right to evict immediately and without refund.

All noise inside Tasman View Accommodation apartments must always be kept to reasonable levels at all times. After 10pm, there is to be low noise inside Tasman View Accommodation rooms that could be heard by neighbouring rooms or properties, this includes no yelling, music etc.


There is strictly no smoking or vaping permitted on the property of Tasman View Accommodation. Guests violating this policy will be charged a fee of NZD$500 and may be asked to leave the property immediately without any refund.


Guests will be provided with keys to access Tasman View Accommodation facilities. All keys must be returned upon guest’s departure. If keys are not returned on departure, a fee of NZD$150 will be charged for each set of keys that has not been returned.


Cleaning is provided on departure for all guests. The cleaning includes a basic clean of the property and does not cover excessive mess, rubbish or soiling of any type. If the property is left in a state that requires more than a basic clean, the guest will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. The clean will be carried out once the property has been vacated.  There is no daily housekeeping service, however this can be arranged for an additional fee. For longer stays, a complimentary room service and change of linen may be provided and Tasman View Accommodation will confirm this with guests on arrival.

  1. PETS

No pets are allowed on the property. Guests violating this policy will be charged a fee of NZD$500.


Additional services can be provided for guests during their stay. Food baskets must be booked in advance by guests and paid for in full prior to use. 


Tasman View Accommodation does not condone unsafe, unruly, irresponsible or illegal conduct/behaviour on the premises during your stay. Tasman View Accommodation accepts no responsibility for any actions, incidents, loss, damage or injury sustained during your stay at the premises. The guest accepts and agrees that a condition of the stay and use of facilities at the property is that all guests indemnify and agree to keep indemnified the Owner against all liability whatsoever and howsoever arising including but not limited to any actions, incidents, loss or injury sustained during their stay at the property.


The guest shall be responsible for the property during their stay. The guest shall take reasonable care of the property and shall leave the property, including all utensils, fixtures, fittings (including art work) and equipment on, in or about the property in a clean and tidy condition, at the end of the stay. The guest shall be liable for any breakages or damage caused to the property or any part thereof or any of the chattels therein that may occur during the guest’s occupation of the property and all costs of repair and replacement thereof shall be payable by the guest to Tasman View Accommodation.

Any damage or breakage to any part of the property or any of the chattels therein shall be reported to Tasman View Accommodation as soon as possible after the damage occurs.


Guests are required to abide by the rules set out by the owners of the property.  These rules include, however are not limited to, no smoking or vaping on the property, no excess noise on the property, no pets on the property and respect of other people within the property. If a guest violates any rules they may be asked to leave the property immediately without any refund.


Every reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the property is presented to guests to a high standard. Should guests find on arrival that there is a problem, or cause for complaint, then they should immediately refer this to Tasman View Accommodation. 

Tasman View Accommodation is committed to ensuring that any problems or complaints guests may have whilst at the property are resolved efficiently and promptly, but as such we must be given the opportunity to do so. Any failure to notify Tasman View Accommodation immediately or refusal of reasonable rectification may affect the guest’s right to compensation.

The guest must be contactable on the phone number provided to Tasman View Accommodation so that Tasman View Accommodation can communicate with the guest about the problems or complaints.  The guest must formally confirm any unresolved complaint in writing by email to Tasman View Accommodation within 7 days of the end of the departure date.


The credit card details for online payments will be securely stored and only used in the following instances:

  1. For additional payments where the guest has authorised the charging of the card for the additional money owed
  1. For certain losses or expenses after a guests stay, including damage to the property, smoking/vaping fee, noise complaint fee, pet fee, additional guest fee, excess mess or soiling fee 
  1. Tasman View Accommodation will only charge the stored credit card in accordance and compliance with the Tasman View Accommodation terms and conditions, and any applicable laws and regulations.